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The Civil Association has as a social purpose, to develop for non -profit purposes activities related to the attention to people, sectors and regions of limited resources, as well as the improvement of the subsistence and development conditions of indigenous communities and age groups by age and sex or disability problems.

Kakistis to tlajtol kato ac. A civil association that promotes continuous support to native peoples of our country through programs that improve the quality of life, while seeking innovative projects that preserve, strengthen and disseminate the invaluable cultural wealth of the original peoples of Mexico.


Contribute to the country with a work commitment, where the projects that the original nation needs will be exhibited, seeking to supply the native peoples of Mexico from their uses and customs, with resources that help them to have a sustainable life, promoting profitability and thus Promote the development of their most vulnerable communities.


Achieve national and international recognition and effective participation in public and institutional decisions that include indigenous people and native peoples of Mexico, encompassing their proposals, actions, cultures and ways of life; To create a comprehensive, systemic, collective development that respect and accept their uses and customs, while their economic and social conditions improve the goal of good living.


Consolidate the union of our native peoples recognizing their culture, uses and customs; Focusing on their areas of opportunity to detonate the potential that each original town has, resulting in sustained and sustainable growth, based as a platform on the UN 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals.

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